We hear this alot, not just for our Subscription Boxes, but other small business seem to face the same comment. We want to run through a few things to explain why we're not the cheapest, why we can't be, and why we don't want to be...  

We're guessing you're comparing our box to bigger boxes out there? Those ones that have a huge RRP compared to what you pay. So we'd like to be able to give you a little insight into the costings behind our boxes and why we are miles apart from many big businesses.

We have 3 boxes, to help make them accessible to as many budgets as possible, although we understand we aren't going to be affordable for everyone, but sadly without it affecting either us, our brands, workers or the environment it just isn't possible to be 'cheap'. 

-As an ethical company, we don't just care about animals, but humans too. We pay for all the products in our boxes (unless a brand approaches us with a FOC product, but we DON'T ask). We have seen the consequences brands face giving larger subscription box companies free products. 

We also work with a lot of smaller brands, and as we're a small business, we know the efforts, costs, struggles, time & stress that goes into things

-As an ethical company, we ensure everything is 100% Cruelty Free, Vegan, but we're also mindful of Palm Oil & won't allow non sustainable palm oil in our boxes (you also have a choice on your preferences asking if you want to avoid it all together). 

-As an ethical company, our boxes are mostly plastic free, and as I'm sure most people are aware now, plastic is sadly a lot cheaper to produce than eco friendly jars/boxes/tubes.

-As an ethical company we only use eco packaging ourselves, again, more expensive even down to our box that is brown instead of white so it isn't bleached so it causes less harm to the environment, the Company who makes them are also eco themselves, so the whole packaging process is eco friendly, and not just a green wash.

- As an ethical company, we plant trees, we donate 10% of our profits to charity 

-As an ethical company, we don't use Hermes, we use Royal Mail, who are ethical to their staff 

-As an ethical Company, we know that when something is cheap as we've all gotten so use to, someone is sadly paying the price for that somewhere along the line. We know we are not perfect, but every change we make is a step towards changing how the world runs

Our boxes are worth a minimum of double of what you pay, but also they are bi monthly, so when you split that cost down over 2 months and split the products in half, it's not at all 'expensive'. 

As a small business, a whole lotta love goes into our boxes, it takes weeks to sort the products for the boxes, to ensure customers get a product that is right for them, everything is done in house and not in a fulfillment centre. It also takes many sleepless nights by a human being that owns it all, to make sure everything is done to a high standard.

-Finally, as a small business, our morals go even further...

Our Employees are paid a Living Wage NOT minimum wage

We hope this helps clear things up, and gives you a real honest insight into who is behind Freedm Street, thank you for taking the time to read this :)

Lots of love, 

Chloe (Freedm Street Founder) x